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People Management
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On-Going One-On-One and Group Meetings

Rosalinda O'Neill works with senior level executives, key management and professionals such as lawyers and CPAs, to develop better, more effective business relationships and mutual understanding. Differing management styles can unintentionally create conflict and decrease productivity. With on-going personalized mentoring, these obstacles to a productive, profitable and enjoyable workplace are removed. And quickly.

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Team Building and Leadership One-Day Training

Leadership and success in teams comes from skill development, and must be learned. Successful teams are dependable, and know how to create greater success and resolve difficulties.

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Diversity Development

Diversity development is an important commitment for corporations and those they employ. The United States of America is still the land of opportunity for those who are qualified or train to be qualified, have the want to work attitude, and are respectful of the rights of others. Pedro and Margot Rivera, Rosalinda Neill's grandparents, proved that when they lived, worked and raised their children in Brooklyn, New York in the early 1900ís. At CEO LifeMentor we get involved in the diversity development of a company as we:

  1. Identify the current titled (formal) and untitled (informal) leaders of a company, and what the company is already doing to support their development.
  2. Identify, and at times deliver, additional personalized skill sets to increase the potential for an individualís success, their teamís success, and a positive return on the corporate investment.
  3. Develop short-term and long-term Diversity Development and Recruiting Strategy Plans.

Leadership Challenges - Free Seminar Series

For CEOs, GMs, VPs, COOs, CFOs, corporate leaders and owners who want more solutions and wisdom to make leading their companies, and living their lives, easier and more profitable.

Leadership Challenges - Free Seminar Series for CEOs, GMs, VPs, COOs.
Oct 20, 2004 Guest Expert: Rosalinda O'Neill, President

Topic: "Power ~ Success ~ LifeBalance" Read more (pdf*).

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