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"Rosalinda has been a crucial part of my personal and professional development over the past three years. With her counsel, I have been able to overcome obstacles that had been hindering my growth for years. She has a keen ability to take what may seem like an insurmountable challenge or dire problem and guide you to a point where you can manage and control these situations. With her caring but firm approach, Rosalinda has helped me to focus on the areas that matter, those that will ultimately lead me to fulfilling my goals."
- Mr. G., Executive Vice President, September 2006

"Thank you for your counsel, thank you for your empathy, and lastly, thank you for your friendship. I have never been one to seek out the help of therapists. However, after strong referrals and our subsequent meetings, I am glad I sought your help. I have learned greatly. I am being the more assertive, confident, and deserving executive that you helped make me. Amazing! Three to four months of meetings have helped turn a lifetime of bad habits around. You are wonderful. "
- Mr. C., President, January 2004

"From a recommendation from our Labor Attorney, we first contacted Rosalinda for one specific management problem. Once we started working with her it became apparent that she had valuable input for us in many other problematic areas. Rosalinda continues to be an indispensable resource in helping us streamline our procedures, set and meet goals, and be more productive. She has helped us neutralize employee conflicts, become better managers, and has given us skills to work efficiently as a team. Rosalinda's personality and work are results oriented. We saw results immediately." - Ms. V., Senior Vice President of Administration, HR and Operations, November 2003

"Rosalinda made me understand how my company, employees, and I would benefit by my acting more as the CEO she believed me to be. This had long been a frustration for me. As the owner for over 20 years, I now command more respect and have my departments working 10% to 50% more cooperatively and productively. We are glad Rosalinda is part of our team." - Mr. T., President, August 2003

"Rosalinda intervened, and took over the care and management of the Alcoholism treatment and recovery of a senior partner. She worked closely with the hospital and privately with our partner. That partner has been sober for 6 years and his productivity and life have improved markedly." - Mr. S., Managing Partner, January 2003

"Harassment lawsuits and workplace lethal violence incidents were prevented by Rosalinda O'Neill's interventions and executive coaching of senior management, in California and across the country." - Herb Clough, Retired FBI Special Agent In Charge and internationally recognized crisis and management consultant,
June 2000