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Success Quicksand destroys creativity, talent, health, hope, joy, business, financial success and relationships.

For all that you carry and do to make things and others successful, you deserve more than that.

You deserve to come by success more easily, and be able to count on enjoying your life and work.

Rosalinda O'Neill, President and Founder of CEO LifeMentor®, Inc. defines Success QuicksandTM as that which develops when your efforts to succeed cause damage, costly mistakes and pain in your personal and work life. There are other options for the success-driven.

Meeting the unending demands of running a company, partnership and life, and fulfilling your firm's client and customer expectations, requires all key individuals to know the tactical wisdom of how to succeed. In Rosalinda's 2007 Success Rules of Engagement the winning "balance" is this wisdom. We work at making sure you and your team achieve your goals, including working together more productively and not creating damage.

CEO LifeMentor, Inc. restores communication and strengthens tactical success wisdom for our clients' firms, partnerships and lives through mentoring, retreats and training. You stay out of Success Quicksand,TM and failure.

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Special Event: Success QuicksandTMIntelligence - The Seminar
May 11, 2007   Woodland Hills, California
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2nd Quarter 2007 CEO LifeMentor Success Tip
Ask your Partners what you can do to help them, and let them help you.  All of us have extra overload days, weeks, or months that are incredibly hard to successfully manage. These drain us. Read more

Current Testimonials: "Rosalinda has been a crucial part of my personal and professional development over the past three years. With her counsel, I have been able to overcome obstacles that had been hindering my growth for years. She has a keen ability to take what may seem like an insurmountable challenge or dire problem and guide you to a point where you can manage and control these situations." Read more
A.G. Executive Vice President, September 2006.

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